Character Generation Method

Character Creation

Determine Attributes

  1. Roll 4d6 six times and choose the highest three, throw out any roll lower than 9 and keep all others.
  2. Take the lowest roll and convert it to an 18 (there’s a reason you’re an adventurer).
  3. Assign rolls to stats: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom.

Determine Secondary Character Details

  1. Determine Race from approved Character Races.
  2. Determine character age as defined by character race.
  3. Determine Character Gender (Is the character male or female).
  4. Determine Character Height (s defined by character race and gender).
  5. Determine Character Alignment

Assign Character class(es)

  1. The character starts out with a base 3000 XP to be assigned as the player wishes within the confines of the rules.
  2. The character’s first level hit points are always max, there after the player must roll and accept any die roll that is over 50% (this is only during character creation; when game play start the player must accept what ever he/she rolls up leveling during game play).

Select Starting Equipment

  1. The character’s starting equipment can vary considerably. It is done by selecting the highest level the character has (in the case of multi-classed characters) and comparing it to the table below. Multi-classed characters are of course penalized after a fashion as opposed to single classed character and this is largely owing to the time the character has probably spent learning two careers.
  2. If the character has enough starting Gold he/she may buy magical equipment at the listed price as starting gear but must, in the character history, describe how he/she came by it.

    ClassLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
    Barbarian180 gp360 gp720 gp1440 gp2880 gp
    Bard180 gp315 gp630 gp1260 gp3100 gp
    Cleric240 gp720 gp1440 gp2880 gp6000 gp
    Druid120 gp360 gp720 gp1440 gp3000 gp
    Fighter/Paladin/Ranger300 gp600 gp1200 gp2400 gp3000 gp
    Rogue240 gp480 gp960 gp1920 gp4000 gp
    Sorcerer/Wizard120 gp600 gp1800 gp3600 gp7500 gp

Create Character History

  1. Select region the character is from and determine background option if any taking all modifications as defined in the background option described in each Realm.
  2. Write up character history (incorporating background option if any was selected; note this need only be as lengthy as the player wants it to be).
  3. Write up a brief character description for posting on the public forum. It can be as detailed or scant as the player wants but should at the minimum include a physical description of the character.

Character Generation Method

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