Western Realms Backgrounds

Character Background Options

Players may select one background for which their character qualifies. A character must take all modifications except those explicitly listed as optional. Furthermore not every ‘citizen’/NPC that fits these criteria would be a benefit of them in all cases (for example not all knights of Lockhardt gain +3000 xp this award is given to PCs to make them stand out amongst their peers.

Characters from Lockhardt Kingdom

  • Lockhardt has very well formed social rules and one of those is the taboo subject of sex. As a result characters from Lockhardt may take the Feat Sexually Private Society for free at their option.
  • Lockhardt is a very Chivalric society and as a result any good character may take the Chivalric feat for free if the character is good in alignment, from Lockhardt, and has spent most of his/her life in Lockhardt or in the Lockhardt Military.
  • With at least 1 level in Aristocrat core class the character is considered a Shireeve at the very least and as such starts the game with a fief of at least a Shire Demesne.
  • With at least 1 level in the Noble core class and of good alignment the character is automatically of Knight rank and starts the game with a fief of at least a Shire Demesne.
  • A character of the Knight core class that is male, lawful good, with 2+ ranks in knowledge military has been in multiple campaigns (and must provide a write up to this effect to the GM) and may add +3000 xp to his starting level.
  • Any character from Lockhardt who can afford it can acquire dwarven forged equipment.
  • Any Cleric of Vauhngal acquires the Feat Clerical Authority when within the Kingdom of Lockhardt or addressing any of its subjects/citizens.
  • Male Wizards from Lockhardt are well on their way to becoming Eldrich Warriors by having done the wizard’s equivalent of squiring to an Eldrich Warrior and as such starts the game with two additional weapons groups of the player’s choice.

Characters from Rethum

  • With war so prevalent, the Kingdom of Rethum is trying to maintain its sovereignty and has watched much of it men go off to war to never return. Now women have taken up many of the tasks that were traditionally male dominated. Any female character starting as a Noble, Knight, or Aristocrat may add +3000 xp. The player must provide the GM with a write up justifying the character’s experience (most probably against the forces of the Violator himself).

Characters from Zerzegoth Kingdom

  • Ah the mercenary business is good in the Kingdom of Zerzegoth, if one can survive it. Any character of any neutral alignment (good, evil, chaotic, or lawful) gains +3000 xp but must provide the GM a write-up of the character’s mercenary exploits for the Kingdom (note: if the character was involved in a war outside of the kingdom there’s a good chance his side lost) or in one of the many private wars. As a mercenary the character can be of nearly any non-Aristocratic class.

Western Realms Backgrounds

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